Muddus National Park

Muddus National Park was formed in 1942 with the main aim of helping to protect the Whooper Swan, which at that time was very scarce. As a result, a 500sq km area of ancient Lapland forest and wetland landscape was preserved for both us and future generations. Muddus is also now part of the Laponian World Heritage Area and is in the EU ecological network of protected areas, called Natura 2000. Muddus is today an important area for reindeer herding; the drier lichen grounds are used for winter foraging by mountain reindeer districts and the wetland areas for summer grazing and calving by the Gällivare forest reindeer district.

In the southern part of Muddus there is a system of marked trails and walkways with four overnight cabins: Muddusfallet 8 beds, Muddusluoppal 6 beds, Manson 3 beds and Nammates 3 beds. At Muddusluoppal there is also a **metre high observation tower that offers spectacular views across the national park, for those brave enough to climb to the top. From here it may be possible to observe some of Muddus diverse species of birds and animals including; Moose, Brown Bear, Sea Eagle, Common Crane and Whooper swan.

To learn more about Muddus, please download our PDF file.

We will spend two days in Muddus National Park looking at the nature and history of the area. Our visit will include an overnight stay at one of the cabins, so you will require a sleeping bag.

During your trip you will be issued with tradional food; flat breads, dried or smoked reindeer meat, coffee grounds (both tea and a vegetarian meal are also available).

The price for this activity per person is ***SEK and includes transport between Nattavaara and Muddus. Please view our calendar for availability.